About Re(source)

Re(source) Energy is an Alberta social enterprise carbon offset developer.

We believe the ability to create clean energy at home at little to no cost should be available to all and our mission is to make distributed energy resources (DERs) more affordable. 

Currently, we do this through the creation and sale of solar carbon offset credits (the emission reductions created by solar) to large emitters in Alberta's regulatory carbon market. This approach significantly lowers the cost for individuals, businesses, and communities to own solar panels in Alberta.

Re(source) aims to provide a tool for individuals and communities to participate in and benefit from Alberta's carbon market and for revenue from Alberta's carbon market to be channeled toward providing for Albertan communities that have less access to low-cost clean energy resources that help to offset rising electricity prices and make the electricity grid cleaner, smarter, more resilient, and more decentralized.

Incorporated in 2021, we are continuously improving our service, exploring additional strategies for reducing the cost of distributed energy systems, and working closely with partners in the private and public sector toward realizing our vision of a future where every home has the ability to create its own energy.


Cofounder / Chief Technology Officer

Jonah enjoys empowering startups. In a nutshell, he helps thoughtfully operationalize new initiatives. From project inception to customer engagement to writing the lines of code and launching, Jonah has experience at every stage of project development. Jonah comes from a diverse background with experience in sales, hiring, project management, development and accredited entrepreneurship and innovation training from the NAIT Business program. Jonah values versatility and the opportunity to learn new skills and ideas. He doesn't hesitate to tackle complex problems and challenges in spaces that are unfamiliar and seem daunting to most people. Those who know him won't be surprised to hear that he's always working on something new, whether that's trying out new recipes at home, building a hydroponics farm, finding clever and innovative ways to automate business processes, or crafting an AI tool that generates tailored recipes for you! Jonah is all about building for the future and that is exactly what he does at Re(source).


Cofounder / Chief Financial Officer

Cory, with a strong background in tax law and accounting, has a wealth of experience gained from his roles as a Chartered Professional Accountant and a corporate tax lawyer. In his current position as Chief Financial Officer at Re(source) Energy, Cory uniquely combines his financial expertise with a commitment to achieving positive social and environmental impacts, not just financial gains. His role extends beyond traditional financial management. Drawing on his extensive experience in tax planning for individuals, corporations, and trusts, Cory applies his skills to support Re(source) Energy's broader mission. This includes advising on personal and corporate taxes, reorganizations, trust planning, and various tax strategies. Moreover, he actively participates in guiding the company through complex tax matters related to corporate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and business structuring, all while considering the social and environmental implications of these decisions.


Cofounder / Chief Executive Officer

Gino, born in the Philippines, grew up witnessing his parents' entrepreneurial ventures, fostering a deep appreciation for business. In university, Gino was inspired by the story of Elon Musk's journey from Pretoria to California that he read in Ashlee Vance's biography. Gino relocated to Edmonton in 2020, seeking to bridge the gap between global climate goals and the oil and gas industry. In response, he cofounded Re(source), an emission offset development company aiming to enhance energy independence and resilience by making distributed energy resources more accessible. Gino's mission is rooted in providing value to others, driven by a desire to alleviate life's challenges, and his ultimate goal is to contribute positively to his homeland's energy resilience in the Philippines.



Paisley Churchill

Paisley is passionate about growing Alberta's digital industries and supporting the growth of tech companies. In her previous role as Manager of Client Experience at Vog App Developers, one of Calgary's largest custom software shops, she worked with entrepreneurs and established companies to build and implement new products. Paisley also previously worked at Calgary Economic Development as part of the core team that founded the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, and evaluated over 200 funding applications before moving to the Talent Attraction team to support the strategy for growing and attracting tech talent to Calgary. Paisley holds a BBA from Mount Royal University as well as a diploma in international business from the Forum for International Trade Training.



Gordon Howell P.Eng.

In 1994, Gordon was hired by Edmonton Power to install a solar PV system on his roof. On July 11, 1995, Gordon turned it on, making it the first grid-connected solar PV system west of Toronto. Despite being told that his meter would never run backwards, his meter did, and the first solar electricity was fed into Alberta’s grid. Gordon looks on that sunny July day as his favourite solar memory because “every journey of 1,000 kilometres begins with one footstep.” After he took that first step, he has continued moving towards a solar-powered Alberta every day since.


Shivam Saxena PhD P.Eng.

Shivam Saxena, P.Eng, MASc is the President of Hero Energy and Engineering, a smart-grid solutions company specializing in distributed energy resource management systems and transactive energy R&D. Over his 10-year engineering career, Shivam has developed over 30 smart-grid related projects across North America, gaining expertise in the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, as well as DER interoperability standards. Shivam is also the author of over 10 journal and conference papers within the field of transactive energy, where his work focuses on novel control algorithms that increase the efficacy of grid services.


Jeff Addison


Sometimes going to science class produces magic!  Utilizing proprietary nanotechnology that, by weakening hydrogen bonding, lowers the specific heat capacity and surface tension of HVAC water, Kiko dramatically improves HVAC system performance and reduces energy consumption of operations like the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver by between 10 and 30% per year. Without incurring any capital costs or project management requirements, the hotel reduced energy consumption 19% and saved 376 tonnes of CO2 using the technology.  Beyond that, the technology reduces load, improving system response time, and lowering maintenance costs while extending HVAC equipment lifespan. And Kiko makes maintenance calls in hybrid vehicles!


Adam O'Brien


As President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bitcoin Well, Adam O’Brien is a leading advocate for education, consumer protection and the decentralization of financial services. In 2013, Adam bought his first bitcoin, and after seeing the growth potential within the space, he purchased and installed Bitcoin ATMs at strategic locations across Canada. Given the exponential growth of the market, he founded Bitcoin Well (formerly ‘Bitcoin Solutions’), which is the first publicly traded Bitcoin ATM company in the world. Adam serves as Co-chair of the Fintech Committee for the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, Canada’s largest non-profit network of blockchain companies and influencers. He is recognized as a true visionary in the field and strives to bring bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the mainstream making them easy, approachable and accessible for all.


Allan Waine


Allan loves kick-starting ideas — from dreams to programs. He brings experience in not-for-profit and cross-cultural educational leadership to Edmonton Unlimited, where he is responsible for delivering our curriculum in a dynamic and thoughtful way. Allan has experience leading workshops around the world and is excited to sit down with founders and establish their next steps. He is equally passionate about giving back to the community and has been involved in many humanitarian projects over the years. Currently, he teaches citizenship classes to help prepare immigrants to become Canadians. When Allan is not coaching basketball with his son, you will find him playing touch football or cheering on the Edmonton Football Team with his family. Ask Allan about: humanitarian work and issues, the world, geography, culture.


Javier Cuervo PhD