What is Re(source)?

We are a carbon offset development company that enables owners of small-scale solar PV (solar panels) installations (under 5MW in generation capacity) to create carbon offsets from their solar PV systems and also facilitates the sale of these carbon offsets to buyers in Alberta’s carbon market.

The value of the offsets generated by a particular solar PV system depends on a variety of factors but, with Re(source), a 10 kW capacity system may yield around $6,591.36 worth of carbon offsets over the next ten years.

Re(source) then takes a 30% Administration Fee (this percentage is subject to change with our goal being to keep the fee as low as possible) from the total offset revenue which means the owner of the solar PV system receives a total payout of  $4,613.95.

Before we can proceed, there are conditions set by provincial and federal legislation that means a small solar PV system must meet these criteria in order to create and sell carbon offsets:

Can you tell me how much my system can make with carbon offsets?

We will create a carbon offset revenue forecast specifically for your system that will look like this

Looks good! What are the next steps?

We will send you our user agreement for you to review prior to onboarding your solar PV system to our carbon offset platform.

Lastly, we will need you to provide or grant us permission/access to acquire the following pertaining to your solar installation:


Once your system has been successfully onboarded to our carbon offset platform, you will automatically be creating carbon offsets as long as your solar PV system is producing renewable energy and is connected to the electricity grid!

All you need to do is wait for us to reach out to you once your carbon offset dividend is ready.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at:


+ 1 780 862 7059

Thank you for considering Re(source) and we are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Gino Genson

Cofounder and Business Lead

References and useful links:

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The protocol we use to create carbon offsets